Monday, February 25, 2008

Lost in translation...

Now firstly you have to understand that Rot Weiss Essen is a fussball (foopball) team from Germany. Due to certain familial ties to the city of Essen, I support them with gusto - even more so because they are, to be frank, mostly bollocks.

This means that my only real means of keeping up with their results is to check the website, which is unhelpfully published only in Deutsch. Now I can pick up words here and there in the language, but decided to take advantage of Babel-fish on-line translation of the following match report.

I'm not sure it helped.

RWE separates from Borussia Dortmund II 0:0

Red white meal missed the hoped for victory in the first heimspiel after the winter break.

Before 8.306 spectators at the port route it was enough only to a 0:0 against the second crew of Borussia Dortmund. Thus RWE with now 31 points occupies further rank eleven and is separate three points from the tenth place in the table, that at the season end for qualification for the single-railed 3. League hand became. Already in the first leg in Dortmund both crews with a torlosen Remis had separated.

"I can actually make no reproach for the crew, her everything tried. Unfortunately we do not create it for the moment to use our gate chances. This point gain is after the play process for us too few," said a disappointed RWE coach Heiko Bonan.

"I am proud on my crew. It accepted the fight and at the end in Unterzahl with one point was recompenced," was a BVB coach Theo cutter contently.

Heiko Bonan had changed its crew only on two positions, had decided however for another tactical concept.

Mario Klinger, in the previous week with the 0:2 in awls only exchanged, stood just as in the starting eleven as surprisingly also the wiedergenesene Rolf Christel Guie Mien. Jozef Kotula had to fit illness (flu), Tim Erfen took first in the bank place.

In contrast to "normal" 3-4-2-1 acted the red-white in the first half with a Viererkette in the defense, a four-determining field and two genuine points.

"We wanted with this variant on the unclear Dortmunder list, which concerns the attack, react and therefore with four defense players began. Unfortunately this concept is come up not whole, " cleared Heiko up Bonan.

In the first half time both crews in the structure of play did heavily. There were hardly successful combinations, but many false passports and duels coined/shaped the play. There were also hardly compelling gate chances.

Only completely at the beginning both crews had one good capital invested possibility each. A shot of Paul Jans was blocked by the Dortmunder defense (3.), on the opposite side missed Sebastian Hille a Hereingabe of Christopher Noethe (4.).

In the further process of the first half time both crews in the offensive did heavily. Most passports in the pointed or flanks came too inaccurately, in order to spread danger. The goal keepers were mostly occupationless.

But the portion became more ruppiger the end of the first passage, arbitrator Patrick Ittrich (Hamburg) had to interrupt again and again and also yellow maps show.

Among other things it got aggressor Paul Jans, who regarded first against a Dortmunder defender the foot "drauf" and short time as a similar passing by the arbitrator for the last time was later admonished.

Coach Heiko Bonan reacted in the half time, of Jans remained in the cab.

For it in the second half Sercan Guevenisik came. Also captain Michael Lorenz, under which week came back flu-weakened, to the second half time not and became replaced by Tim Erfen. Bonan changed also the tactical adjustment, changed over to the classical system.

"One noticed immediately that we came better into the duels and the players felt clearly better," so Bonan for the portion. The red-white actually worked now present and exercised more pressure. In chances sch this superiority did not strike down however first.

Only after a good hour the Dortmunder gate came under bombardment. An attempt of Rolf Christel Guie Mien missed its goal only scarcely, Niklas Andersen one cut back free standing beside the gate.

"Against a deeply standing opponent one must use such possibilities also times," was annoyed coach Heiko Bonan.

As in the 68. Minute of Dortmund Sebastian Hille after a Unsportlichkeit ("herd formation") the yellow-red map saw, tried Bonan again everything.

Rafael Kazior replaced Niklas Andersen one, which had before seen its fifth yellow map and thus on next Saturday (14,00 o'clock) in the appearance with kicker Emden will be missing.

In the conclusion minutes also defender David Czyszczon stormed also. But did not hand to more than one kopfball of Rafael Kazior, which BVB goal keeper Marcel Hoettecke from the corner fished, it any longer.

After approximately three minutes sequel time whistled Patrick Ittrich the portion off. From ranks there was applause for a self-sacrificing fighting RWE crew after initial whistles then nevertheless still.

"We have to time simply no luck, the ball go simply not into the gate. If we fetch ourselves back this luck, we will win," said also again the plays aggressor Markus Kurth after the portion.

"We can make ourselves kaempferisch no reproach, everything tried. Unfortunately again no gate succeeded to us. We must continue working now concentrated. In training we obtain the gates nevertheless ," were also Soeren Brandy dissatisfied.

RWE is now for 361 minutes without gate Sercan Guevenisik promised remedy nevertheless. "I make next week in Emden my first gate and then start we a series. The crew actually believes and becomes rausholen there ", spread that stuermer optimism hurt for a long time last.

"Ok I shall try to make certain that I approach the next appearance vs Kickers Emden with stuermer optimism for many kopfballs into the gate and also not so many yellow maps on the Red and White Meal crew," was Chov the smiling politely.

Can't script comedy this good, honestly.