Friday, February 22, 2008

Chov 1 World 0

Chov shoots, Chov scores!!!

Honestly, 'blogging' is such a self-indulgent masturbatory exercise it makes navel gazing with a magnifying glass look like grand expansionist thinking.

How apt, then, that I should join the ranks of the world's bloggers.

Obnoxious wanker that I am.

(At least I know I am.)

Not much of a first post, but I just want to see how many things I can f*ck up in posting this first semi-rant because, of course, I skimmed through the instructions.

But don't worry, it's coming.

It just takes time for the rage to build to such a critical level that it can act as a catalyst for the Xplosion of words onto the page. I'm currently sitting in a strobe-machine bombarding my cortex, so it shouldn't be long.

Translation: something has to happen to piss me off enough to write about it. I am a lazy, lazy man, though, so take that into account when setting your alarm clocks.

Of course, I may be open to suggestion. Feel free to throw me topics. I shall, in turn, feel free to ignore them. If nothing else it will teach me about how to use the 'comments' functionality on this site. Specifically, how to aim them straight to the trash without bothering me first.

Remember, if I really cared about what YOU think, then I would be at YOUR blog reading YOUR inanity.

So eat me.

P.S Kudos and thanks to El Maco Pudendo Magnifico for the blog name.